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A Good Cause
Published on May 19, 2017 15:04

A Battery Drive has begun at St. Catherine of Siena as part of a recycling campaign that was featured at "We Day" Toronto last fall. This battery drive is important for two reasons:

* It will keep old batteries out of landfill sites
* It will help to save a child's life.

A company called Teck will donate the value of the zinc found in each battery to WE and UNICEF. This is important because children in developing countries do not get enough zinc in their diets. Examples of food rich in zinc are - spinach, beef, shrimp, kidney beans, seeds and nuts. Zinc is important for our health because it helps our bodies grow and our brains to develop. Two billion people world wide are affected and 800,000 people die each year from diseases related to zinc deficiency.

To show how easy it is to make an impact, when you recycle one AA battery, it can save six children's lives!

There is a tote in the front foyer of the school to collect the batteries. Please consider donating your old batteries. Let's go Sabre Cats!!