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Brief Update - May 19
Published on May 19, 2017 11:32

Good Friday Morning Folks:

I hope this note finds you well as we look forward to the Victoria Day weekend.

A few things to share:

* Thank you to Mrs. Potts who hosted our annual "Volunteers' Breakfast" this morning. Our grade 2 class led by Mrs. McPhail sang for us as our volunteers and several staff enjoyed some fresh fruit, bagels and coffee. On behalf of our staff and students, I would like to thank all of our volunteers! Without you, many of the events in our community could not happen. We appreciate all that you do for our school.

* This week, our school was fitted with two water filling stations compliments of our CSCC and your fundraising dollars. These stations allow for easy refill of water bottles with very cold and filtered water. A great addition to our facility and a healthy choice for our students.

* We received a letter from Sleeping Children Around the World this week depicting how valuable the 143 "bedkits" have been to 143 kids. If you recall, we did a fundraiser in support of this organization earlier in the winter. The letter shared how the bedkits will be deployed and also shared the conditions that many kids in this world live in.....the message being that as Canadians we are blessed with the opportunities given to us each day - clean drinking water, safe and secure homes to live in, wonderful schools to attend etc etc. I read this letter to all our students as part of our daily reflection/prayer. The notion of appreciation and gratefulness was the key sentiment conveyed....and of course, a huge THANK YOU to our kids/families for the generosity shown with the 143 bedkits donated.

* Provincial testing begins next week for our grade 3 students. Our grade 6 students will write the following week. Assessments will focus on reading, writing and math and is a province wide initiative. Good luck to our kids as they begin.

* A reminder that Friday, June 2 is a PD Day. No classes for students.

* On Saturday, June 3 a number of our grade 7 students will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at Holy Spirit Church with the Mass beginning at 5:00 pm. We wish them all a wonderful day.

From Mrs. Forgione & Mrs. Gibbons -

* Students who have medication at school currently will be given it to take home on the last day of school. If you would prefer it not be given to your child and taken home this way, please give Mary or Kathy a call to arrange an alternative plan. Thanks.

* If you are moving and will not have children attending St. Catherine of Siena for the 2017 - 2018 school year, please give Mary or Kathy a call. It is very helpful to know this information for a variety of reasons. Thank you.

Have a great long weekend.