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Honouring St. Catherine of Siena
Published on May 1, 2017 14:50

Hello Everyone:

On Friday, April 28 our entire school community gathered in our gymnasium for a pasta meal....all 545 of us! Because of the size of our school, we had three sittings so that all our kids could sit down and enjoy a meal of pasta, homemade sauce, a Fox's Bakery fresh bun and two cookies with their schoolmates.

Mrs. Tavella and Mrs. Forgione made homemade sauce and several staff members prepared the pasta, shopped for cookies, buns and juice boxes so that our kids could 'feast' in honour of our school's namesake, Catherine of Siena! The actual feast day for Catherine is April 29 - a Saturday, this calendar year - so we celebrated a day early.

Our students showed great manners and appreciation during our lunch which I am sure Catherine of Siena would have loved to see. 

A huge thanks to our parents who volunteered to serve and clean and to our staff who organized, served, cleaned and generally made sure the event was well run.

We had a fantastic meal.