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Extremely Important
Published on Feb 21, 2017 15:31

Good Afternoon Everyone:

Since Mr. Jackson's retirement, Mr. McCracken has been working with our bus and foot patrollers. During the month of January, he has made a few observations that are of concern that I would like to share with you all.

The first is the speed at which some vehicles are entering and exiting our parking lot before and after school while picking up or dropping off kids. We recognize that timelines can be tight for getting kids to various functions or to be on time for school....but we all know speed can lead to accidents. Please err on the side of going slow.

The second safety concern observed is that we have some cars ignoring the pylons that are in place to designate the bus lane. The pylons indicate that only school vehicles can enter the lane closest to the sidewalk parallel to the school. It is extremely important that NO vehicles - other than school vehicles - enter this lane once the pylons are set up. Vehicles dropping kids off or picking them up should stay in the lane to the left of the pylons (island).

Another concern is in regards to vehicles entering our parking lot from Hawkins street. That entrance is a "one way" entrance and vehicles should only be exiting from our parking lot onto Hawkins....not entering.

My request is very simple: please abide by these rules. Student safety is everyones' priority. Let's work together to ensure that our parking lot is as safe as possible. Accidents can happen...let's avoid a tragedy by following the rules established.

Thank you for your co-operation.