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Our Catholic School Community Council 2016 - 2017
Published on Nov 3, 2016 11:04

Good Morning Everyone:

A brief note to share with you the make-up of our CSCC for this school year:

Chairperson - Mr. Joe Zerdin
Treasurer(s) - Mrs. Jennifer Poldrugovac & Mrs. Karen Coutu
Fundraising - Mrs. Laura-Jean Byers
Secretary - Mrs. Krista Parker
Parish Rep - Mr. Joe Zerdin

Our council meets approximately 8 times throughout the year and organizes many traditional school events such as "Meet the Teacher" Pizza-que, Santa's Breakfast and our spring Dance-a-thon. The council also advises me on many issues along with communicating through the council meeting issues that may arise in our school community.

Our CSCC will meet at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School this evening from 6:00 - 8:30 pm with all of the school councils from across our board for a series of workshops and Mass. 

As our school year continues, please feel free to attend our meetings which are usually held in our library. We will notify you of the meeting dates well in advance.

Have a great day.