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A Second Call for Volunteers!
Published on Oct 5, 2016 10:50

Hello Everyone...

A few weeks back I sent out an e-blast seeking volunteers. We did receive a few responses and are appreciative of them. We still do have a need for volunteers...particularly in our kindergarten and primary divisions.

Our kindergarten and primary divisions are looking for volunteers to work with our youngest students in the area of reading. We are looking for people who can commit to a few hours a week on a regularly scheduled basis to listen to kids read, read to kids and to offer encouragement. Teaching staff will organize all the materials you will need.  

All our volunteers are expected to have a Criminal Background Check completed which is done by the City Police at no charge to the volunteer. Our school will provide each of its' potential volunteers with a letter to take to the police station indicating that the C.B.C is being requested for a volunteer position in our school.

If you have time and are interested in offering your support, please contact Mrs. Diamond in the office. We appreciate you considering this request.

Thank you.