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Change in School Bells for 2019-2020
Published on Jul 2, 2019 11:31

Hello Everyone....

I hope your Canada Day weekend went well...some incredible weather to help us celebrate our great country.

As I referenced late last week, our school day will be changed beginning with the first day of school in September. This change was made for two reasons:

* Improved supervision of our students
* A new bus contract with revised routes and a new provider

Some key points:

* The number of instructional minutes in our day remains unchanged - 300 minutes is required by the Ministry of Education.
* Supervision on the yard will begin at 8:50 a.m.
* Our entry bell will move to 9:05 a.m.  
* Our dismissal time is unchanged - it remains at 3:25 pm.
* The minutes of outdoor play for our kids will change from 60 minutes to 55 minutes. The 55 minutes of outdoor play is more minutes than the majority of schools in our county. Most schools only allow for 40 minutes of outdoor play for their students.
* Having those additional 15 minutes of outdoor play puts much strain on our supervision schedule.....which is the primary reason for the change to our bell schedule.

Our new "day" will look like this beginning on September 3, 2019:

8:50 am - Supervision begins on the yard
9:05 am - Instructional day begins - entry bell (kids enter school)
11:05 am - Recess begins
11:20 am - Recess ends
12:40 pm - Lunch begins
1:30 pm - lunch ends
2:50 pm - Recess begins
3:05 pm - Recess ends
3:25 pm - Dismissal

We wanted to give you a few months notice so that you can make/plan any arrangements necessary to adjust to the later start to the school day. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss this change to our bell times. Thanks.

* I would like to congratulate Emily DaSilva on being awarded the Joe Zerdin Bursary at JOA's graduation last week. This award is given to a grade 12 student from JOA, who is also a St. Cat's graduate, on their way to a post-secondary institution. The winner "models our Catholic values and is community minded as evidenced through volunteerism". Emily is an outstanding choice! This bursary is sponsored by our Catholic School Community Council.

As this week unfolds, there are other pieces of information I'd like to share with you pertaining to our next school year. Enjoy the first week of July....I will be in touch.