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Happy New Year
Published on Jan 7, 2019 11:16

Good Monday Morning:

Happy New Year! I hope you each had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019.

Here are some important pieces of information and dates:

* Our first Mass of 2019 is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 24 beginning at 9:30 am in our gymnasium. Please join us if you can.

* We are in the midst of "inclement weather" months.....a reminder that our school is in the "Central Zone" for bus cancellation purposes. School is typically still open on bus cancellation days. If buses are cancelled on a "pizza day" (Wednesday), pizza will not be served until the next day buses are running.

If your child doesn't ride a bus , but you decide to keep him/her home on an "inclement weather" day when buses are cancelled, please still make a call to the school indicating that you have decided to keep your child home. That will help Mrs. Forgione and Mrs. Gibbons tremendously. Thank you.  




Re:  School-Day online system registration


Please be reminded that each student must be registered for the School-Day system online. All school events, food orders and field trips, etc. will be arranged online from now on. 

 If you have not already done so, please go to “ “ to register. You can also access the link through our school website.  

Pizza and Milk orders, and payment are ONLY available online and are due on JANUARY 17TH, 2019.  The system will not accept late orders.

Every student has his or her own individual “secure match key” code needed for registration. If you have misplaced the introduction letter that we sent home with each student’s code, please contact our school office at 705-728-7301 and we will provide you with the code.  

Thank you.