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School Day - Cashless Schools & More
Published on Dec 5, 2018 11:53

Good Morning:

I hope this note finds you well.

The purpose of this message to you is to share an introduction of "School Day". This platform allows schools and homes to do many things. Such as:

* pay for food orders/class trips etc on-line
* have parental permission for field trips signed off on-line
* share general information about school news

The beauty of School Day is the notion that money/paper copies of permission forms etc will no longer be physically transported between home and school. 

You can find the link to School Day on our school website page ( under "Quick Links".

Please make every effort to sign up for access to School Day immediately as we are moving to a cashless office and will be exclusively using School Day for all money transactions (food orders/field trips and all school events).

This is how to register for School Day:

Register for School-day now! Our new online system is up and running.


Have you signed up for school-day yet? An introduction letter has been sent home with each child.  Each student’s introduction letter explains how to sign up with the Secure-Match key code provided.


Registered but can’t remember your password?  For 24/7 bilingual support for using school-day, please call 1.855.253.1731.  For additional information about school-day, detailed user guides, support information, and frequently asked question, please visit

Thank you