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Bullying Prevention Week at St. Catherine of Siena (Nov. 19 - 23)
Published on Nov 16, 2018 15:14

Good Afternoon Everyone:

Promoting kindness in our school is a priority for us all.  "Bullying Prevention Week" is a further opportunity for our community to focus on continuing to nurture a warm and accepting climate. Next week, our students will be immersed in a number of discussions and theme days designed to have them understand how their actions and words can make our school a safe and accepting place for us all.
This is an overview of our week and the associated themes for each day:
Bullying Prevention Week (Nov. 19 - 23)   "Called to be Kind"

Monday, Nov. 19 - "Called to be Kind"
Nomination forms will be made available to our students to fill out whenever they see another student being kind. All week these nominations will be collected and then two kids will win a "kindness" t-shirt provided by our school board. The draw will be done on Friday afternoon. 

Tuesday, Nov. 20 - "Called to be Family"
A celebration of uniqueness. We will ask the kids to wear their favourite toque/hat/socks to highlight how each of us are different....and that's a good thing - a celebration. Socks can include hockey socks!

Nominations for acts of kindness continues......

Wednesday, Nov. 21 - "Called to be Community"
There is more we have in common amongst us than differs.....the theme for this day is this notion of will be asked to wear "Blue" to represent our "alikeness". 

Nominations for acts of kindness continues....

Thursday, Nov. 22 - "Communicating Kindly"
The words we use with each other leaves an impression on media, in person etc. Classroom activity designed to have kids focus on how they are interacting with others and the words they choose to use - manners (please and thank you's, excuse me, I appreciate it....etc etc) - choosing to be positive in our words to build up and not tear down others.
Classes are encouraged to discuss with students how to be kind communicators. Students need to know that how they communicate, both online and in person, tells a lot about who they are. After discussion, teachers are encouraged to facilitate or have students use our text bubble template to write down positive and kind things to say to one another, in one or more languages, that shows they are a buddy, not a bully. These kind words will be posted in the classroom as a reminder to be Kind Communicators.

Nominations for acts of kindness continues....

Friday, Nov. 23 - "Our Story of Kindness"
What do we want our story of kindness to be....classroom activity designed to have kids focus on what their story will look like moving forward....called to be kind.

Nominations for acts of kindness continues....two names will be drawn Friday afternoon for "kindness t-shirts" provided by our school board based on the week's submitted nominations from staff and students.

*****  Please encourage your children to wear their favourite hat/toque and socks on Tuesday and to wear blue on Wednesday.....

Have a good weekend.