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Published on Sep 19, 2018 10:53

Good Morning Everyone:

Two of our St. Catherine of Siena students were involved in a minor accident this morning as they biked to school. At the crosswalk of Ardagh and Hawkins,  a vehicle collided with one of our students who was crossing there. Emergency services vehicles along with Barrie City Police attended the scene. Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

The child directly involved in the collision is at home with her parents and her older sibling is in her class now with her schoolmates. Some of you may have seen the emergency services vehicles at the scene this morning and I wanted to reassure everyone in our community that our kids are safe and well.

Please continue to discuss with your children the importance of street safety as they walk/bike to school. Our two students involved in the minor accident this morning did everything correctly. Perhaps these circumstances can be used as a reminder to us all to review regularly with our kids the importance of being very attentive as they make their way along our community streets.

Thank you.