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Service Dog in our School Community
Published on Jun 11, 2018 09:53

Dear Parent/Guardians/Students:

This letter is to inform you that there will be a Service Dog in our school assisting one of our students starting in October, 2018.  This dog is a highly trained companion for one of our students and is able to assist her in many of the routine activities which may pose some challenges for her.  Service Dogs are comparable to “Seeing Eye Dogs”, and are included in every aspect of life for the handler.  The dog is protected under Human Rights legislation, and as such, it has the right to be with the handler wherever she goes (e.g. public buildings, transportation).

There will be information sessions planned here at school in the fall to integrate the dog into our school routines and all our students will be instructed as to the proper procedure around the dog.

As always, we respect the interests of all our students in providing a safe and effective learning environment here at St. Catherine of Siena. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this note, please do not hesitate to phone me here at school. 

Thank you.