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Important Information
Published on May 23, 2018 11:04

Good Morning Everyone....

Another real nice day out there. 

As you may be aware, Netflix recently released Season Two of 13 Reasons Why, a series depicting the story of a high school student who dies by suicide, leaving behind 13 cassette recordings that share the events that she perceives led to her death. The series is graphic and sensationalizes the act of suicide, which may be triggering for vulnerable students. Series like this one can lead to misconceptions and misinformation about suicide, and possibly to the glorification of suicide and suicide contagion.


For these reasons we have many concerns about this series which we feel we need to bring to your attention so you are well equipped to handle issues that might arise in relation to it. Below is a link for you to use in case a discussion with your child comes up at the table. Thank you Rich