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An Early May Update
Published on May 3, 2018 10:32

Good Morning Everyone.....

I'm sure we're all feeling the same way about the improved weather. It puts an extra kick in our step for sure.

Our school community has a lot going are some news items and some updates:

* The "We Walk for Water" campaign was tremendously successful. Our goal of raising $1000 was quadrupled....$4000 was brought into the school! Our Catholic School Community Council supported the cause by committing $500 to the goal. 160 people in Africa will have access to clean drinking water for life through this effort. Incredible. We would like to thank you for supporting these causes....our students are learning valuable lessons about caring and compassion for others....the most important lessons they can learn.

* Our Feast of St. Catherine of Siena on April 26 went very well. The kids were treated to a delicious meal of pasta, fresh Fox's Bakery bun and a few cookies. What made the occasion so good was the community feel.....parents, staff and older kids working together to celebrate our school's namesake and putting together a meal. The manners and appreciation shown by the students was impressive. Thanks to all who chipped in to make this a great day here.....and a special tradition.

* We would like to wish all our students an early congratulations as they receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion this Sunday, May 6. Our grade 7 seven students will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation later in May.....

* Congratulations to our Battle of the Books team who qualified for the Barrie City Library's "Battle of the Books" Grand Battle this evening! 17 schools were entered in this competition from throughout the city. 5 teams have qualified for tonight's finals. The competition requires students to have knowledge of 400+ books....the challenge is for students to be able to respond to questions associated with these books. Our team has been reading/meeting weekly since the early fall....Our school team is the defending champs! Go Sabre Cats!

* Our school hosted a Robotics tournament yesterday in our library. 12 teams from throughout the county participated. Students programmed their robot to engage in various challenges throughout a course. The problem solving and technical skills our students and those from other schools demonstrated were amazing! Our goal is to establish a "Coding and Robotics" club here at CAT next year.....student interest is very high.

* Our girls' and boys' junior basketball teams are in full flight. House league ball hockey and soccer continues.....the gym is a busy place at lunch and after school!

* The Scholastic Book Fair will pay us a visit next week from May 8 - 11 as part of our Catholic Education Week activities. More detail will be shared by Mr. Rankin very soon.

* Our next and final Catholic School Community Council meeting will be held on Monday, May 7 at 6:30 pm.

* On Thursday, May 10 a play entitled "The Secret Life of Riley K" will be performed in our gymnasium for students in grades 4 - 8. It begins at 1:45 pm. The major message in the play is around resiliency and coping with anxiety in life.

* Our intermediate students will be visiting JOA to participate in an “Innovation Fair”. Here is an overview:


Travelling Exhibition

Students will discover the process of science through engaging hands-on, mind-expanding exhibits by having a science centre quality exhibition available to them right in their own school.  A walk through this exhibition will spark students’ curiosity, promote creativity, encourage critical thinking, celebrate collaboration and inspire exciting and more in-depth discussions of science. Using stories, examples and interactives, the Power of Ideas presentation will explore the process of science and discuss cutting-edge breakthroughs in science.  The talk is intended to be inspirational and will give students a sense of the power and excitement of scientific discovery.
That's it for now. Let's continue to enjoy the spring weather....