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In Support of Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Published on Apr 11, 2018 18:06

Good Evening Everyone:

Earlier this week, our school prayed together in support of the players, families and the broader community of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. Although we can not physically be with these people in Western Canada, we certainly can feel for their incredible loss and pain.

We have asked our students to wear a hockey jersey and/or the colour green tomorrow (Thursday, April 12) in support of the Humboldt community. Our Catholic School Community Council is also planning to support our fellow Canadians in their time of need.....this support will be made in conjunction with our School Board. I will share the details of this plan with you once it has been finalized.

Let's all of us hug our children a little more over these next days and stop to give thanks for the many wonderful things we have in our lives.

Here is the prayer that our school made on Monday for the community of Humboldt:

On Friday, 15 team members and personnel of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, were killed in a tragic bus crash in a rural part of that province. Ten of the victims were players between the ages of 16 and 21; 5 were support staff, and more than a dozen others were injured. The tragedy has resonated all across Canada, and around the world, and hockey teams, their families and community members have been offering their prayers and loving support to all those affected by this incomprehensible loss. We too share in the sadness of so many young lives cut short far too soon and, in this Easter season, we trust in the power of Christ’s Resurrection to lead them to new and unending life.

 Let us pray.

 God of love, consoler of the sorrowful, we come before you today, broken-hearted over the deaths of these 15 people in Saskatchewan. Some of them were young, and some were not so young, but every single one of them was one of your precious children, and they were bound together by bonds of camaraderie, friendship and team spirit.

We pray today that you might welcome them to the glory of your kingdom,
and that you would grant strength and comfort to their families, loved ones and communities.
Pour out your healing power on those who are still in hospital,
and on all those who have been shaken and grieved by this sudden, tragic loss.

We know that, by your rising from the dead, you have defeated the power of death forever.
Bring your light to this time of darkness, confusion and pain,
for you are the Resurrection and the Life,
and you live and reign with your Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


Have a good night.