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Happy New Year - January Update
Published on Jan 10, 2018 12:00

Good Morning Everyone:

I'd like to begin this message with well wishes for a healthy and happy 2018 to all our families. I hope your holidays gave you a chance to spend some good time with your family  and friends. 

Here are some dates, updates and reminders as we move forward into the second half of our school year:

* Jan. 16 - JOA is hosting their grade 8 parent information evening at JOA. It runs from 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm. 

* Jan. 16 - Grade 6 & 8 students to the Ontario Science Centre.

* Jan. 17 - our grade 6, 7 & 8 students will travel to Alliston to view the movie "Wonder". Healthy schools are inclusive. This movie will reinforce our many discussions with kids around the notion of acceptance/celebration of differences in  people and looking past "disabilities" to see "abilities". 

* Jan. 23 - Rosary Apostolate Program - whole school.

* Jan. 25 - New Year's Mass @ St. Cat's. 9:30 am. Ms. Yellowage and Mr. D'Ulisse's classes will lead us. All parents are welcome to join us.

* Feb. 1 - Grade 8 Parent Mtg. regarding our Graduation Plan and Year end trip to Camp Kandalore. 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm. in our library.

* Feb. 1 - CSCC Mtg. 6:30 pm in our library. All parents are welcome to attend.

* Feb. 2 - Professional Development Day classes for students.


* Our school is in the "Central" weather zone for bus cancellation purposes. Please remember:
- if buses don't run, schools are open (unless otherwise stated).
- if buses are cancelled, buses will not run in the morning OR afternoon.
- if your child is absent on an inclement weather day and DOES NOT ride a bus, please call             the school if your decide to keep him/her at home that day. You do not need to call if your             child is absent that day and IS a bus rider.
- if the bus cancellation day is "pizza day" (Wednesday), pizza will be served the next school          day that buses do run. No pizza will be delivered on days buses are cancelled in the Central          zone.

* Occasionally we see some members of our community enter our parking lot from Hawkins. Please remember that that is a one way exit only. We had a close call recently when a car pulled into the driveway from Hawkins with a car exiting the parking lot not expecting cars to be entering there. Thank you for entering our parking lot from Summerset.


* Under the direction of Mrs. Sponagle, Mrs. Redding and Mrs. Latour information will be coming home on Friday of this week about a campaign to help people in our community. The "Out of the Cold" organization supports homeless people in a number of ways. Please look for the paper copy of this campaign in your child's knapsack/agenda this Friday for more details. This two week campaign is another example of our ongoing commitment to help our students continue to recognize and feel compelled to take action in support of people who need support. Our students are learning this lesson exceptionally well.

* Winter Weather - I receive calls from you from time to time to discuss our school board's policy in regards to kids going outside at recess/lunch in 'cold' weather. The Canadian Paediatric Association recommends that if the temperatures outside , factoring in windchill,  is -24 C it is best that students stay indoors. There are varying factors that are considered when deciding to keep the kids indoors for a recess; however, the - 24C is the temperature threshold I follow when making this decision.

We do live in Canada where winter weather is our reality....but it is still important for kids to be active and outdoors. There are days when the temperature makes it unsafe to be outdoors for longer periods of time....particularly our younger students. There are days when we decide to allow our older students to go outside and keep our younger students (usually K students) in when the temperatures are slightly warmer than -24C....but still very cold. It's very important that kids are dressed appropriately with proper mitts, boots and hats. Our oldest students seem to choose fashion over warmth!! Please encourage them to dress warmly!

We'll talk with you soon.