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Bullying Prevention Week at St. Cat's
Published on Nov 20, 2017 09:52

Good Snowy Monday Morning Everyone: It was good to see so many families here last week for interviews. There is tremendous learning happening with our kids. Thanks for taking the time to come in and discuss your child's report. That involvement is very beneficial. November 20-24th is our School Board’s Bullying Prevention Week

The theme this year is: Our Story: Our Footprint


Our activities for this event are as follows:

Tuesday November 21st = CRAZY SOCK DAY!! #Leadtheway Staff and students are invited to express their individuality by wearing a crazy, colourful, fun pair of socks as we celebrate our differences!

Wednesday, November 22nd = Random Acts of Kindness Day; #Cooltobekind  Staff and students are encouraged to show that Being Kind is Cool, by doing random acts of kindness towards our fellow Sabre Cats - young and older…

Friday, November 24th = #Leaveyourmark    How we choose to live will have a lasting impact on the lives of others, how other people see us, and most importantly, how we will be remembered by others. Your child's footprints in our school will be the legacy they leave behind. Staff will be asking your child how they would like to be seen and remembered by others? Classroom teachers will give a paper with a “footprint” on it to their students. Students will be encouraged to show some positive qualities/characteristics they have or would like to develop, ways they show kindness to their peers, or even how they want other people to see them on their “footprint”.

Completed “footprints” will be displayed in/outside classrooms..... We as a school community believe that there is a place for everyone here at St. Cat's....we all belong and are valued. Jean Vanier said, "the greatest human need is to belong." Celebrating difference and a focus on kindness are two of this week's major themes. Have a good week. Rich