Our Community Responds

Sleeping Children Around the World
Posted on 02/24/2017
During the week of February 13 - 17, our students learned about the work of an organization known as "Sleeping Children Around the World" and set out to help kids in developing countries. (please see our previous story about Sleeping Children....)

Our social justice group led our student body in undertaking a fundraiser designed to buy "bedkits" to help children get a better nights sleep. We had a kick off assembly on Tuesday, Feb. 14 introducing the campaign. CSCC chairperson Joe Zerdin spoke to our students about the importance of helping others and offered to "match" family contributions for the purchase of bedkits up to $1000. This money was raised through our Santa's Breakfast and is traditionally spent to help others....our Council felt Sleeping Children was a very worthy cause and so offered to match.

Along with the fundraiser, our students participated in a Mannequin Challenge designed to represent "acts of kindness" and a pajamas theme day to bring focus to our campaign.

Our community responded tremendously! In 1 week, we raised enough money, along with the CSCC contribution of $1000 to buy 143 bedkits....helping 143 kids have a comfortable place to sleep and better hygiene....and to show them that people in this world...people they have never about them.

This display of compassion and kindness by our community truly reflects Jesus' plan for love and look out for one another. Our kids are learning this essential life lesson extremely well.

Thank you for helping make these lessons come to life.....