Making a Difference - One Act at A Time

Social Justice at St. Catherine of Siena
Posted on 01/11/2017
Social Justice Team At St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School we believe that prayers can be answered by the good deeds of others. Looking out for others - caring for our neighbours who may need support is the Golden Rule in action. Our Social Justice team is a shining example of how young people can make a difference in our kind act at a time.

During Advent, our Social Justice team coordinated "candy-gram' sales where kids could send a kind greeting to their schoolmates along with a candy cane. An astonishing 1600 candy-grams were sold over the course of a week generating $1055. Our school family knew that the proceeds of these sales would go to an organization known as "The Well" who supports families in Simcoe County during times of need (food/shelter).

During Advent we wait for Jesus' birthday....there is no better way to honour his birth then by showing kindness to others...the best 'gift' Jesus can receive.

Our Social Justice group continues to lead our students in their understanding that each one of us can make a difference in this world. Whether by supporting Terry Fox's "Marathon of Hope" for cancer research, "We Scare Hunger" food drive in support of the Barrie Food Bank or this most recent initiative for "The Well" our school is learning very valuable lessons about caring and doing to help others. We are extremely proud of our our social justice activity and our kids. A huge thank you to all our families who support these initiatives and to Mrs. Yellowage who leads our Social Justice group.