Bully Prevention Week

"Love thy neighbour as yourself."
Posted on 11/21/2016

The SMCDSB theme for Bullying Prevention Week 2016 is Be Kind Online...What’s Your Digital Footprint? with a focus on social media etiquette.

Staff are encouraged to help students use this year’s theme to understand social media etiquette and reflect on the importance of kindness and the respect of others, and to think before they text, share, or post anything online.  

We must expand our focus beyond the traditional view of children as the bullied, the bully, and the bystander to include the relationships of children, including online social interactions.  By combining the individual needs of the child with what we know about social dynamics of children’s peer groups, and the role that adults play in shaping children’s experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of bullying and recognize multiple approaches required to prevent and stop bullying.

Our students will engage in week long activities designed to have us all focus on the importance of acceptance, tolerance and is a brief overview of our week here at St. Cat's:

Mon. Nov 21st: HIGH-FIVE DAY!!

Staff/students will be encouraged to give each other ‘high-fives’ throughout the day to create a positive atmosphere. ALSO students will be given PINK anti-bullying bracelets to wear.

Tuesday, Nov. 22nd: PINK SHIRT DAY!!

 Everyone is encouraged to wear PINK!! We will also be taking an anti-bullying pledge TOGETHER during morning announcements. This pledge can also be taken online at:  

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd: SPREAD THE LOVE

 Everyone is encouraged to draw pictures/write letters/send texts of positive kind messages, inspirational words, compliments today.

Thursday, Nov. 24th: ONLINE PROMISE

 Students are encouraged to think of a hashtag to represent a character trait about themselves online. OR students can also represent themselves positively in an emoji.  Student’s hashtags/emojis can be displayed in classrooms to remind them to keep their anti-bullying promises all year.

Friday, Nov. 25th: Individual Class Activity

Classes can choose an activity associated with acceptance/tolerance/kindness.

At St. Catherine of Siena we believe there is a place for all our kids....everyone belongs.