A S.W.E.E.T Afternoon

An Electives Program with A Purpose
Posted on 03/21/2017
On the afternoon of Friday, March 10 we had another SWEET Day (Super Wicked Epic Electives Time). Kids in grades 1 - 8 were able to select an activity to participate in. Activities included: Zumba, board games, Kahoot, outdoor games , card games, nerf war , duct tape craft, cooking, hiking yoga, cartoon illustrations, knitting and hockey. The goal of these days is to help make all our kids feel like they belong....that there is something of interest for them here at our school. We purposely try to organize a wide range of activities that appeal to all our kids. A huge thank you to Mr. Cillis and Mrs. Sponagle for coordinating this event and to all our staff who provided the activities.