A Remarkable Effort of Kindness

Sleeping Children Around the World
During the week of February 13 - 17, our social justice group launched a project focussing on helping children in third world countries... Sleeping Children Around the World is an organization that provides bed kits to children aged 6-12 in countries including: India, Kenya, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Togo, Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Honduras. Since its humble beginnings in 1970 by founders Margaret and Murray Dryden (parents of Hall of Fame goaltender and former president of the Toronto Maple Leafs Ken Dryden), and thanks to the help of thousands of volunteers, this organization has delivered over 1.4 million bedkits to children in need. Our community responded with incredible enthusiasm and generosity. Our kids participated in a mannequin challenge designed to send messages of kindness and a pyjamas theme day to help focus on the raising of money for the purchase of bedsits. (please see the previous story on Sleeping Children...for further details). Our community raised enough money to buy 143 bedkits for kids..... That is an incredible effort done in 1 week! A huge thank you to Mrs. Yellowage and Mrs. Sledz for working with our social justice group to bring such incredible messages to our student body.....that each one of us can make a difference in this world....that Jesus asks each of us to look out for one one another. Our community continues to shine.