Helping Out Our Global Neighbours

Helping Every Child Have a Good Night's Sleep
Posted on 02/03/2017

Sleeping Children Around the World is an organization that provides bed kits to children aged 6-12 in countries including: India, Kenya, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Togo, Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Honduras. Since its humble beginnings in 1970 by founders Margaret and Murray Dryden (parents of Hall of Fame goaltender and former president of the Toronto Maple Leafs Ken Dryden), and thanks to the help of thousands of volunteers, this organization has delivered over 1.4 million bedkits to children in need. The following is list of core values (taken from their website:, that guides this organization’s direction and mission, and keeps everyone on the same journey.

At Sleeping Children Around the World:

  1. We believe that it is the basic right of every child to have a comfortable night's sleep.

  2. 100% of all bedkit donations go directly to its contents.  No portion is used to pay for operating expenses.

  3. We provide hope and joy, and aim to preserve the dignity of each child we help.

  4. We verify that each bedkit is received by a child in need.

  5. All donations are of "free will" giving.  We will not undertake telemarketing, door to door appeals, mass mailings or use professional fundraisers to help our cause.

At a cost of only $35, each bedkit typically contains a sleeping mat, bedding, a mosquito net, school supplies, and clothing. The kits are manufactured or purchased overseas by trustworthy organizations and individuals who use their local knowledge and expertise to pick the best bedkit items for the children living in that area. All bedkits are assembled in the country of distribution to eliminate shipping costs and to stimulate the economy.

From Monday, February 13th - Friday February 17th, students are encouraged to bring in a donation with our goal being that each of our 22 classes will raise enough money ($35) to purchase one bedkit. To celebrate this act of love and generosity we will be having a School-wide “Sleep-Day” on Friday, February 17th where our school family of staff, students, and visitors are encouraged to wear their pj’s all day!

Thank you for your support with this important endeavour. Together we can make our world a better place.