A Fantastic Event!!

Students Support Terry Fox's "Marathon of Hope"
Posted on 10/03/2016
On Thursday, Sept. 29 over 8000 schools from across Canada participated in the Terry Fox School Run. For the 16th year in a row, our students walked, ran, skipped, jumped and generally had a great time as they moved. In preparation for the day, students made maps of Canada. They held these maps as they made their way around the route we established for the run. With each lap completed, students received a stamp on a province. Simulating Terry's run, the stamps began on the province of Newfoundland and made their way "west"with each lap completed.

Our Social Justice committee under the direction of Mrs. Yellowage made a huge display in our school's front foyer (see picture that accompanies this story). The display had sneakers made by each student representing someone they know who has been affected by cancer. This display serves as a reminder to us all of the impact this disease has on each of our families....and the incredible effort Terry Fox made to help. Congratulations to our student body and our social justice committee who made this event so successful. This event raised $1000 for cancer research. Great job.