We All Belong at St. Catherine of Siena

A Neat Tradition of Belonging
Posted on 09/20/2016
Last year we blessed our newly refurbished Chapel. To help commemorate this occasion and in keeping with our school theme of 'belonging', each child was given a riverbed stone to decorate as their own. These stones were then placed in two large glass cylinders to be kept in the Chapel by its' altar. Each and every student and staff member has a stone there.

Our newest students, the junior kindergarten class along with students in later grades who have joined our community this year have each been given a riverbed stone to decorate and place in the cylinders....symbolic of the notion that we are all part of the St. Catherine of Siena family....we all belong.

The picture that accompanies this story is of our students in older grades who have recently moved into our community. They are placing the stones that they decorated into the cylinders with the other 600+ stones they contain.