Prayers are Answered

A Real Community Effort in Caring
Posted on 11/17/2017
Last year our school community raised money in support of an organization called Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW). This organization provides needed supplies for children who do not have access to proper bedding and hygiene products. Our community responded tremendously providing 143 children with a "bedkit". The picture attached to this story depicts photographs of all 143 children who received the gift of a better night's sleep with our school name displayed with each child.

Our social justice group did a phenomenal job of organizing this campaign. Please drop into the school and see the display and the picture of the many kids you've helped.

Prayers can be answered through the kind deeds of others. In this particular case, our community's generosity and desire to help others has resulted in truly benefitting 143 kids. Thank you for helping your children help other children.